The craft of sign making is steeped in tradition. Early forms of signs were developed using pictograms partly due to a total lack of literacy. Universal symbols were created, which still find their use today, in order to mark the establishment offering a particular trade or service.

The notion of using a giant boot outside a cobbler’s shop or a pair of over-sized eyeglasses to mark an optometrist’s store is still quite relevant. Although today the aesthetics of branding and marketing play a greater role than in the past.

While hand-carving, -lettering and -layout has given way to computer-controlled routing , digital printers and layout software, many sign makers still rely on traditional skills and techniques for their craft. So, while many methods and products have evolved, the essence of sign-making is still very simple; communication based on legibility and clarity.

Scott Signs Ltd. has been providing high quality signs and graphics to Vancouver Island and beyond since 1968. Our services range from basic cut-vinyl graphics and vehicle wraps through to custom design, fabrication and sign installation. We utilize state-of-art wide format printing, CNC routing and laser engraving, achieving innovative and measureable communication tools for our clients.

While we strive to provide our customers with the latest innovations in the sign and display graphics industry, we also take pride in offering a service that is based on traditional methods, tested and proven over the years.

At Scott Signs we stand behind our craftsmanship and keep an open line of communication with you through every step of the process. Our team can assist you with the design, fabrication and installation of all your signage needs.

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