A second-generation sign maker, Earl brings over 15 years of experience to the team. His strengths, among others, are in design and conceptual ideas, CNC operation and gold leafing. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching hockey, playing guitar in a Spanish band, yoga, the outdoors and spending time with his family

Tony has seen a lot of changes since the mid-eighties when he had his own sign business in Ladysmith. “The thing that keeps me interested in signs is there is always something new to learn”.

Tony brings a visual art background to the business which he is able to employ in numerous ways, from designing, faux finishing, sculpting, as well as fabrication.

Wes has been a graphics professional for over two decades, working in print and multimedia. Aside from the obvious, he also enjoys photography, building furniture and getting outdoors with his family. He considers himself lucky enough to call home a place where people come for vacation.

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